Internet Tunnel Tunnel IPv6


North Amerika

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Please select a protocol from the list. EoIP is mostly used by MikroTik routers, GRE and VxLAN on Linux and the most common routers.
Autonomous System Number
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Annually0.00 CHF
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Setup50.00 CHF
Description Value Setup Monthly Annually
IPv6 subnet /126 Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Transit Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
Note: DE-CIX only offers annual contracts and VLANs for commercial customers (ASN). For this reason we can only process VLANs for Autonomous System Numbers, which are registered to a registered company and have been paid in advance.

Of course, you have the possibility to order an ASN for commercial use from us at any time (an excerpt from the commercial register is required for this).