Simple solutions are important to enable an organization to start and evolve cost-effectively. You can rely on our simple, secure and reliable IT infrastructure offerings from a single source.
Hosted Exchange Communication services with e-mail, calendar, contact management and task tracking. Available everywhere and up-to-date.
Secure data storage Platform for sharing and editing documents (file sharing). Configurable with private area and hierarchically in open and closed groups. Via web, PC and mobile app.
Hosted websites that sell, inform and are DSGVO compliant.
Marketing Automation: "An automatic way to new customers without having to work on your own!"

Hosted ExchangeFilesharingWebhostingMarketing Automation
Price10.00 CHFMonthly10.00 CHFMonthly15.00 CHFMonthly39.00 CHFMonthly
Setup fee Free of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge590.00 CHF
Availability 24H24H24H24H
Storage space 10 GB10 GB10 GB0 GB

We do our task perfectly.

1. Order

Simple, uncomplicated.

2. Setup

Secure Swiss server infrastructure.

3. Enjoy

Problem-free, pleasant.