Internet resources Transfer

Internet resources Transfer

Securebit AG is a member of RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre). RIPE NCC is responsible for the allocation and assignment of Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) and IP addresses in Europe. As LIR (Local Internet Registry), we offer them at attractive conditions.

ASN Transfer IPv6 /44 RIPE Transfer ASN RIPE Transfer PA RIPE Transfer PI
Price 75.00 CHFAnnually 75.00 CHFAnnually 24.00 CHFAnnually 150.00 CHFAnnually
Setup fee 60.00 CHF 85.00 CHF 85.00 CHF 85.00 CHF
Description Transfer of an ASN 16 or 32 bit from a RIR or other RIPE NCC sponsoring ORG to Securebit. Additionally you get an IPv6 /44 subnet from our PA address space. Transfer of an Autonomous System Number (ASN) 16 or 32 bit from a Regional Internet Registry or other RIPE NCC Sponsoring Organization (ORG) to Securebit. Transfer of IPv4 and/or IPv6 Provider Aggregatable subnets from a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) or Local Internet Registry (LIR) to Securebit (LIR). Transfer of IPv4 and/or IPv6 Provider Independent subnets from a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) or Local Internet Registry (LIR) to Securebit (LIR).
Availability 24H 24H 24H 24H

For Provider Aggregatable (PA) IP address spaces, the ORG in the RIPE database is set to our ORG (ORG-SA4302-RIPE). Of course, you can create sub-allocations with your organization.

We do our task perfectly.

Choice of geolocation

Securebit AG offers you the possibility to choose geolocation through higher-level IPv6 subnets.

Webinterface for IPv6

Our customers get access to the Cloud Manager, which enables you to administrate your IPv6 subnets fast and easy.

RPKI support

Of course we also attach great importance to security and offer our customers the possibility to protect their subnets by means of RPKI.

You will receive your desired product with a few mouse clicks within a few minutes. The delivery is automated and takes place in real time.
We provide you with a number of useful documentation that will make it easier for you to use and administer our services.
The multiple redundant 10 Gigabit access lines guarantee network access at the highest speed at all times.

Webinterface Cloud Manager

Securebit Virtual Server
Autonomous System Numbers

We apply for your personal ASN at the RIPE. Send us the End User Assignment Agreement which you will receive from us after ordering your ASN. Once an ASN has been assigned to you, it will be visible in the Cloud Manager and you will receive an email from us with the information.

Please note that we have no influence on the processing time of ASNs, as these are assigned by RIPE. Normally an ASN will be assigned to you within a few days.

Securebit Virtual Server
Protection against prefix hijacking

Secure your IPv4 and IPv6 subnets in our Cloud Manager with RPKI and challenge the prefix Hijacking. One click is enough and our system immediately creates the appropriate trust anchor for your Internet addresses.

Securebit Virtual Server
IPv4 & IPv6 Subnets

In our Cloud Manager you can keep an eye on your Internet addresses at all times and quickly and easily set up subnets, route objects and DNS delegations for your IPv4 and IPv6 subnets.

IPv4 and IPv6 Subnets are automatically assigned to you by our system within a few minutes. Please note that the assignment of subnets can be delayed in case of high demand.


We have our own data centers and several high-performance servers at different locations, with connections to the largest exchange nodes. In addition, we attach great importance to the latest hardware and perfect connectivity to guarantee low ping and best availability.

Enterprise Hardware

We only use branded hardware to guarantee you the best availability and reliable performance. Our products are provided exclusively on high-performance brand hardware from Hewlett-Packard and Supermicro with the latest Intel® technology.

Securebit Network

Our own redundant autonomous system (AS58057) ensures the fastest connection of your systems and enables us to provide the best possible external connection.

We have several major carriers that connect us to their high performance network.

Our entire infrastructure is fully IPv6 compatible. With the Internet Protocol of the future, there is no IP address shortage anymore.
Our certifications show what customers can expect from us - quality at the highest level in service delivery and in our solutions.
It is important to us to offer our customers the best support. Therefore we have decided as a team to make our Support Performance here accessible.