Internet Resources IPv6
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Internet Resources IPv6

Here we explain how to order your own IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) subnet and how to assign it to your organization (legal entity or natural person). In order to be able to make the changes yourself later and at any time, we recommend that you create a user account with RIPE.

Registration (RIPE NCC)

In order to manage objects in the RIPE database, you need a Single Sign On (SSO) user account with the RIPE NCC.

After you have created and logged in to a user account, you will need to create a role and maintainer object. Maintainers (MNT) are used to administer RIPE objects and thus can manage objects that contain your MNT.

Then you need to create an organization object with an Abuse contact (email). This object will then have Internet resources assigned to it, such as IP addresses and Autonomous Systems. Make sure that you specify our maintainer SBMT as reference (mnt-ref) of your organization. Only then we are authorized to assign Internet resources to you.

Order (IPv6)

Now you can place your IPv6 order in our store. To do so, choose from which parent subnet you want to receive your new IPv6 subnet and fill in the remaining fields with your information.

You can freely choose the network name and description. As the organization, enter your RIPE ORG object. As AdminC and TechC you can specify roles or person objects. In order to get the necessary permissions for the administration of your subnet, you have to specify your maintainer at the end.

Finally enter your contact details and verify your email address. Finally, check your order and complete the payment. Your service will now be provided automatically after successful payment and you will receive your data by email within a few minutes.