Internet Tunnel in Linux Debian

Internet Tunnel in Linux Debian

In this article, you will learn how to create an Internet tunnel (EoIP, GRE, SIT or VxLAN) on a Linux Debian and configure it.

Order (Internet Tunnel)

If you do not already have an ASN, we recommend that you first order an ASN via our website, as this may take a few days. By using your own ASN, you have the possibility to use multiple tunnels and thus build a redundant network. Subsequently, you order an Internet tunnel of your choice. The location and type plays a role depending on the operating system and software.

After you have selected the desired tunnel, you can configure it, enter your ASN and if necessary other information.

Afterwards, enter your contact information and verify your email address. Finally, check your order and complete the payment. Your service will now be provided automatically after successful payment and you will receive your login details by email within a few minutes.

Configuration (General)

Once you have received your credentials, the tunnel and BGP session is set up on our site and ready to use.

In our Cloud Manager web interface, you have the option to restart your tunnel, change the protocol or the public IP address of your router at any time.

You can also use our tunnels without our BGP service, please note that only the IPv6 addresses are publicly accessible. The IPv4 addresses are not externally accessible and are only for the use of the BGP session.

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