IcingaWeb2 Map Module character set missmach


Ich habe wenn ich das Map Modul aufgerufen habe immer folgendem Meldung erhalten:
Could not fetch data from API:
SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1253 COLLATION \'latin1_general_ci\' is not valid for CHARACTER SET \'utf8\', query was: SELECT COUNT(*) AS cnt FROM icinga_objects AS ho
INNER JOIN icinga_hosts AS h ON h.host_object_id=ho.object_id AND ho.is_active = 1 AND ho.objecttype_id=1
INNER JOIN icinga_hoststatus AS hs ON hs.host_object_id=ho.object_id
LEFT JOIN icinga_customvariablestatus AS hcv_geolocation ON h.host_object_id = hcv_geolocation.object_id AND hcv_geolocation.varname=\'geolocation\' COLLATE latin1_general_ci
LEFT JOIN icinga_customvariablestatus AS hcv_map_icon ON h.host_object_id = hcv_map_icon.object_id AND hcv_map_icon.varname=\'map_icon\' COLLATE latin1_general_ci WHERE (hcv_geolocation.varvalue > \'\')

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