Microsoft Windows Server 2022 stuck black screen on OOBE after sysprep


We created a new generation 2 virtual machine on Microsoft HypverV running on Microsoft Windows Server 2022. On this VM we installed the same operating system (Microsoft Windows Server 2022) but in Version Standard, because this is fine for VMs. After the OS installation we also installed all Windows Updates and did a syeprep after that. Then we set the virtual hard drive (VHDX) to read only.

When we create a new virtual machine we use the VHDX with the "plain" Windows Installation as differencing image. So the VM will boot um and write all changes on his own virtual disk. This is working so far and the VM will boot, run the OOBE from Windows and will automatically reboot one. But after the first reboot the VM will stuck on a blank black screen.


First we guessed something wrong with OOBE so we have restarted the VM multiple times and also tried to disable secure boot. But nothing helps. So we decided to create the Image (Source VHDX) again, possible there was an issue with sysprep. We also did the same steps described above, but this also did not help.
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