Icinga 2 Monitoring with InfluxDB 2



For more details please check our icinga2 installation article in our knowledge base.
apt install icinga2


We have a separate server for the InfluxDB:
apt install influxdb2

influx setup
> Welcome to InfluxDB 2.0!
? Please type your primary username securebit
? Please type your password ***************
? Please type your password again ***************
? Please type your primary organization name Securebit AG
? Please type your primary bucket name icinga2
? Please type your retention period in hours, or 0 for infinite 0
? Setup with these parameters?
Username: securebit
Organization: Securebit AG
Bucket: icinga2
Retention Period: infinite
User Organization Bucket
securebit Securebit AG icinga2


To get the access token type:
influx auth list

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