Microsoft Windows Server 2022 The schema version of the database is from a newer version of WSUS


2023-06-23 13:35:45  Install type is: UnsupportedFuture
2023-06-23 13:35:45 DB is a higher version than the config scripts
2023-06-23 13:35:45 Swtching DB to multi-user mode......
2023-06-23 13:35:45 Finished setting multi-user mode
2023-06-23 13:35:45 Ensuring SUSDB is set to Multi-User Mode ...
2023-06-23 13:35:45 Disposing Connection
2023-06-23 13:35:45 Clearing Connection Pools
2023-06-23 13:35:45 Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.CommandException: The schema version of the database is from a newer version of WSUS
than currently installed. You must either patch your WSUS server to at least
that version or drop the database.
at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.ConfigureDB.CheckForUnsupportedVersion(DBInstallType installType, Boolean dbExists)
at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.ConfigureDB.ConnectToDB()
at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.ConfigureDB.Configure()
at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.ConfigureDB.Run(String instanceName, Action`1 logWriter, Boolean contentLocal)
at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.PostInstall.Run()
at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.PostInstall.Execute(String[] arguments)

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